Bitcoin Now a Preferred Option for an Australian Real Estate Agency

Forsyth Bitcoin

Australian real estate agency Forsyth has started accepting bitcoin for deposits and advertising, via bitcoin payments provider CoinJar.

Their strategy is to offer an easy method for online payment for handling the many international investors wanting to invest in the Sydney market.
the agency enjoys using Bitcoin for international transactions featuring less fees and exchange rate fluctuations.

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Crowdfunding Entity Durise is Using Bitcoin to Fund Real Estate


A crowdfunding real estate company in the UAE, says that it is now accepting payment from investors in Bitcoin.
Durise is speculating that Bitcoin can serve as a fluid form of payment in real estate and other investments.

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Vail Resorts to Begin Working with Third Party Real Estate Developers

Vail Resorts

Vail Resorts President Rob Katz wants to renew the company’s focus on the mountain resorts. Vail Resorts will start seeking third-party developers for collaborative projects.

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